NTU reiterates support for Akbayan as party-list bet in May 07

The National Transport Workers’ Union (NTU) disputes any claim that it is supporting a party-list other than AKBAYAN in the upcoming May elections.

As a member of the Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL), the NTU stands solid and united in our belief that the plight of workers cannot be treated separately from the struggles of poor and marginalized sectors elsewhere, and to divorce our interests from that of the marginalized and oppressed is to pit our common interests against each other instead of the common enemy of injustice and the elites that perpetrate them.

We would therefore warn against any unscrupulous groups who would seek to use the NTU’s name for their own selfish purposes. This would include the misinformation being peddled by a certain party list group that the NTU is supporting them. AKBAYAN is NTU’s choice of party-list in 2007, and Akbayan is where the NTU and APL believes workers’ rights are genuinely pursued and protected.

We warn those who would forward any claims to the contrary that sowing intrigue among the NTU’s ranks will not pay off. We believe that the only way that the working class can advance its interest through the parliamentary struggle is through the development of a labor vote. As such, NTU members will not break its unity with other workers who are supporting Akbayan. The NTU will remain an integral stakeholder for the continued success of Akbayan in the party-list elections.

Reference: Bren Sayasa, National Coordinator-NTU Mobile: 09062044037

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