Mcdonald’s Must Pay!

“Mcdonald’s… Mcdonald’s… Mcdonald’s Must Pay!”

This was the slogan that was repeatedly chanted by 25 APL Youth activists who staged a picket today right inside Mcdonald’s West Triangle, one of the biggest stores in Quezon City. For at least 15 minutes, the activists were able to explain to the customers the plight of the young workers in Pennsylvania while prominently displaying their placards and banner. One of the customers, an American tourist, even approached them and said that his own kids are helping Filipino workers who are employed in MacDonald’s in Rochester, USA. He said that the Filipinos were promised jobs as hotel workers but ended up flipping burgers in McDonald’s.

After 15 minutes, the protesters moved out of the store but continued their picketing outside the store.

Similar actions APL Youth were held in Cavite, Cebu and Davao.