APL Message of Solidarity to LO Norway and the People of Norway

The leaders and members of the Alliance of Progressive Labor extend our heartfelt sympathies to the Norwegian people and fervently offer our profound condolences to the families of the victims of yesterday’s treacherous bombings in central Oslo and the abominable shooting massacre in the island retreat of Utoya.

We particularly stand in solidarity with our comrades in the Norwegian labor confederation LO-Norway whose offices were damaged by the powerful blasts probably aimed at the nearby government offices. Doubtless, they also have a family member or a friend or a colleague or an acquaintance who was gunned down or injured or traumatized by the slayings that marred Utoya’s summer camp for the Labor Party’s youth wing.

Initial reports put the combined death toll to almost 90 and the casualties are most likely to increase. These tragedies are also apparently linked or coordinated, which make these horrible murders even more repulsive and a work of an evil incarnate.

The APL reiterates its unwavering stand of denouncing terrorism in its many forms, even as a means to express legitimate grievances and to espouse a just aspiration. Terrorism and bigotry have no place in a civilized and just society envisioned by the trade union and social movements throughout the world.

Again, our sympathies to the Norwegian people.

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