APL strongly condemns attempts to brutally disperse the picket lines of Goldilocks workers, supports the call to boycott Goldilocks products

The Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) strongly condemns the attempts of the Goldilocks management to violently disperse its striking workers.

More than 150 workers belonging to BISIG-AGLO-BMP and their supporters were on their eight-day of peaceful picketing in front of the company at the main office of Goldilocks along Shaw Boulevard when they were attacked.

Last March 19, 2010, at around 10:30 in the morning, the Goldilocks management, together with some members of BUKLOD union headed by Rolly Capoquian, tried to ram through the picket line of BISIG-AGLO-BMP two closed vans full of scabs or strikebreakers.

Failing to break through, the strikebreakers pelted the strikers with stones. This despite the striking workers’ repeated pleas to respect their picket line. Not contented, the management unleashed its truncheon-wielding security guards and mauled the strikers, seriously hurting scores of workers.

“This just shows the Goldilocks’ utter disregard for human and trade union rights have not changed after all these years,” said Edwin Bustillos, APL Deputy Secretary General said.

Labor relations in Goldilocks Company have a deadly track record. In 1979, 3 Workers were killed and 6 were wounded when the striking workers were brutally sprayed with bullets by the police.

The labor row stemmed from the mass lay-off of 127 regular rank and file employees, all of whom are members of the BISIG-AGLO-BMP Union. The decision is obviously a management ploy to bust BISIG-AGLO-BMP and prevent it from effectively representing the workers.

It should be noted that BISIG was declared the Sole and Exclusive Bargaining Agent or SEBA of the rank and file workers of Goldilocks last May 2008 after defeating BUKLOD in a certification election (CE) way back in August 2007.

“We suspect that that the management is busting BUKLOD-AGLO-BMP to remove any obstacles for its plans to implement widespread contractualization in the company,” Bustillos added.

The APL is calling on the general public, especially the customers of Goldilocks, to refrain from patronizing Goldilocks until all the illegally terminated workers are fully reinstated and the management recognizes BISIG-AGLO-BMP.

The APL demands that Goldilocks management to stop union busting and respect the rights of their workers. APL warns Goldilocks against further the escalating the violence against its own workers or face the wrath of the entire labor movement.

The Alliance of Progressive Labor is a national trade union center that embraces various forms of workers’ organizations in the formal and informal sector. It is a member organization of KONTRA or the Kowalisyon Laban sa Kontraktwalisasyon.

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