Respect Trade Union Rights of Iranian Workers , Respect Democratic Rights of the Iranian People

Today, on the occasion of the Global Solidarity Action Day for Justice for Iranian Workers, the National Confederation of Transportworkers Unions (NCTU), the Philippine Transport Unions (PMT) and the National Union of Workers in Hotel Restaurant and Allied Industries (NUWHRAIN) joins the global labor movement in expressing our protest over the Iranian government’s oppressive policies against workers who want to exercise their fundamental rights and to express our solidarity with the many Iranian workers, who have joined the demonstrations in the streets to call for respect for their inalienable democratic rights.

We are appalled by the Iranian government’s brutal repression of independent trade union actions in recent years, most recently on 1 May 2009 as they attempted to hold a peaceful May Day rally at Laleh Park in Tehran. Many of them are still detained by the police.

We are aware that many Iranian workers continue to face tough times. They often wait for months to receive wages, are made “redundant” when they complain, and are beaten up and arrested when they protest.

We deplore that fact that trade unionists like Mansour Osanloo, Ebrahim Madadi (bus workers), Farzad Kamangar (teacher), Ali Nejati (sugar worker), and Mahmoud Salehi (bakers) are regularly arrested and harassed.

We are gravely concerned that the repression of fundamental rights has now intensified and widened as Iranian security forces violently suppressed the many demonstrations in the wake of the election, with hundreds of people being arrested.

This repression is an unacceptable denial of fundamental human rights. Iran refuses to sign the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions on the freedom to join unions and negotiate with employers.

In solidarity with all working people around the world who are taking action against the Iranian government this day, we demand that the Iranian government take action on the following:

1. Free all imprisoned trade unionists.
2. Respect of Trade Union Rights for all Iranian workers. Recognize the right of workers to organize, strike, protest and assembly in furtherance to their job security and economic well being.
3. Recognize all independent workers’ organizations in Iran.
4. Ratify ILO Conventions on freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
5. Reinstate all unfairly dismissed workers.
6. Stop oppression, harassment and persecution of workers and rights activists.
7. Respect Democratic Rights for all Iranians.
8. Stop the brutal repossession of political dissenters.

We will continue to monitor developments in Iran as we remain in solidarity with Iranian working class.


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