Protect Filipino interest: A Letter to Amb. Teehankee during the WTO Mini-Ministerial

Ambassador Manuel Teehankee
Philippine Mission
World Trade Organizationn (WTO)

Dear Ambassador Teehankee,

We are the stakeholders from agriculture, fisheries and labor sectors now here in Geneva monitoring the ongoing informal meeting of the Heads of Delegation. We are alarmed by your apparent adherence to the emerging text in NAMA and agriculture that we believe are completely harmful to the development interests of poor farmers, fishers and workers.

We fear that you have laid down your guard to defend our national interest. The absence of Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap and Chief Negotiator Secretary Peter Favila further aggravated the uphill battle in this critical period.

We are extremely alarmed that the modalities that will emerge in this period of negotiations are contrary to the stakeholders’ stated positions. Considering that Congress has the power to regulate commerce, we will request the House of Representatives and the Senate to conduct an investigation regarding the conduct of our trade mission during these negotiations.

Please uphold the interest of Filipino farmers, workers, manufacturers and industries.

Thank you.

National Rice Farmers Council

United Broilers Raisers Association

Tambuyog Development Centre

Alliance of Progressive Labor

Rice Watch and Action Network

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