APL condemns the Burmese Junta

The Alliance of Progressive Labor today slammed the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), the military junta ruling Burma, as the dictatorship started cracking down on protesters led by monks. Hundreds are reportedly arrested, many were hurt and at least 4 have been killed as the peaceful protests have been violently dispersed by the junta.

“The military junta is panicking,” said APL Secretary General Josua Mata. “The junta knows that their days are numbered. But the more desperate they become, the more dangerous the situation is for the Burmese protesters.”

“This underlines even more the need for the international community to step in and take more decisive actions to pressure the illegitimate military government into back off and step down.”

“Far too long, the global community has tolerated the abomination that is Burma’s military rule,” added Mata.

“This is the time for the international community to press the military junta to desist from cracking down on the protesters and instead take immediate steps to democractize Burma.” “The protests over the rising prices of commodities and the doubling of diesel and petroleum products stems from the lack of transparency and accountability on the part of the military government”,

explained Mata, “and the violent reaction from the state is a testament to its obvious lack of support from the Burmese people.”

“A political settlement in the Burma predicament should end in civilian rule for Burma,” Mata said. “The SPDC should step down now,” said Mata.

“Letting the SPDC get away with its crimes against the Burmese people emboldens dictators elsewhere to ride roughshod over their own citizens,” said Mata.  “As workers we stand in solidarity with the toiling masses of Burma who continue to suffer under the violations of their rights under an illegitimate government.”

“We challenge the Philippine government to step up its pressure on SPDC by calling for ASEAN sanctions against Burma” said Mata.


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