Labor caravan calls on full employment, protection of rights, endorses Akbayan

The Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) and the Confederation of Independent Unions in the Public Sector (CIU) today held a caravan to emphasize the need to put workers’ rights at the forefront of platforms being pursued by candidates in the run up to the polls next Monday.
“We call on candidates to address the worsening jobs crisis,” said APL Chairperson, Daniel L. Edralin. “Candidates cannot talk about poverty eradication and a better future for all if they cannot present a clear agenda on what measures they will pursue to provide everyone with a decent work,” Edralin added.
Surveys have consistently shown that finding a good job is one of the most urgent concerns of every Filipino of voting age.
With at least 10.066 million estimated to be unemployed or underemployed and at least 1.5 million new workers expected to enter the labor markets every year, the country faces the formidable challenge of creating large numbers of productive and better paying jobs to address the lingering jobs crisis.
“Workers deserve more than the lip service that most, if not all Senatorial candidates currently pay to the jobs crisis,” Edralin said. “What we need is an economic agenda for full employment backed by time bound, feasible, and credible policies,” he added.
The APL and CIU began their caravan from Quezon City. From there the caravan snaked through Manila before going back to Quezon City via España Avenue.
The workers distributed leaflets and flyers urging the public to vote for Akbayan party-list. “Akbayan is the only party-list which we believe carries our labor agenda and looks at labor issues through the same lens as us,” Edralin added.
APL and CIU vowed to mobilize its combined membership of 120,000 to ensure Akbayan’s re-election.

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