APL denounces Houses’ reconsideration of HB345

Workers belonging to the Alliance of Progressive Labor staged a picket today at Congress to protest the filing of a motion for reconsideration of the HB345 or the P125 wage increase bill.
“Your congressman wants you, the working class people, to stay poor, because that’s all you deserve to be,” said APL Deputy Secretary-General Edwin Bustillos during a picket today in Congress, “or at least those congressmen who are allied with the corrupt and tyrannical regime of GMA.”
This was the stinging rebuttal of the Alliance of Progressive Labor to the House of Representatives’ attempts at reconsideration of HB345 providing for a staggered P125 wage hike increase.
“It is very clear that this government relies on big business to remain in power,” added Bustillos, “it has to keep wage levels scandalously low in order to keep investments pouring in, investments that will eventually be lost to corruption and malfeasance to line the pockets of these same people who are vehemently against the wage hike.”
“There is no reason nor rhyme to take the ECOP line that wage levels will force companies to close shop,” explained Bustillos, “for it is not the wage levels that keep investors away but political instability and uncertainty, the violence all around we see with the continued killing of journalists, peasants and activists, and the lingering political crisis hounding an illegitimate government.”
“The likes of Nograles and Boying Remulla are capitalist lapdogs who would rather see their constituents suffer than actually help alleviate the plight of poor workers everywhere,” added the veteran labor leader.
“We call on the minority in the House to exert all efforts in thwarting hte evil scheme of the majority and continue to expose them for their anti-worker stance,” said Bustillos, “and in the coming polls the labor vote will take care of these congressmen who have displayed arrogance and utter drunkenness with power in denying workers the pittance offered by a measly P125 wage hike.”

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