APL holds symbolic deathblow to Congress over ConAss tricks

APL trooped to the House of Representatives today to denounce the chamber for its railroading of charter amendments through constituent assembly.

“The audacity with which Congress could easily set into motion a process to amend the Constitution is appalling,” said APL Secretary-General Josua Mata. “It is so easy for these lawmakers to put bills on workers’ rights in the back burner, and short-circuit democratic processes to legislate illegal measures that will serve no interests other than their own petty and parochial selves.”

Mata explained that the majority of congressmen railroaded a change in their own rules that would have required a con-ass resolution to go through the Senate first.

“Obviously it’s a display of naked self-arrogated power that will not stand the Constitutional principle of checks and balances between branches of government,” Mata said.

“Now the House is poised to railroad a set of secret proposals that the public has not even been made aware of,” added Mata. “including revisions of economic protection clauses in the Constitution that will further erode workers’ rights to collectively bargain and strike.”

“Clearly there will be no winners in this deadly game the House is playing except GMA and her cohorts who have used every dirty trick in the book to evade accounting for cheating during the 2004 elections,” warned the veteran labor leader.

“This bullying of democracy does not come without a price tag. Reports have already indicated how administration congressmen were handed out pork barrel allocations in exchange for attendance and voting during the plenary discussions on the con-ass resolution,” Mata added.

“In other words, taxpayers are footing the bill for this ultimately anti-people exercise.”

“It is high time to deal Congress a deathblow and push onward for the institution of a society in which it is the interests of the poor and marginalized sectors that are at the forefront of our collective concerns,” said Mata.

“It is time to to disinfect Congress, take out the garbage and junk the rotten insects that plague its halls and put in place a truly reformist government that is revolutionary in approach to addressing the real issues that demand attention immediately, such as poverty and joblessness,” Mata urged.


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