Workers commemorate Bonifacio Day with firmer resolve to end ELITE repression

There is no reason to be jubilant today as we commemorate Bonifacio Day. For this day should serve as an auspicious reminder that workers everywhere carry the burden of oppression and neglect caused by a government that is unable and unwilling to heed its calls.

The great Andres Bonifacio, had he been alive today would have been infuriated with the brazen neglect with which this administration is walking all over democracy in pursuit of its selfish interests.

In its relentless peddling of charter change, it is ignoring the call of the poor for the basics: food, shelter, clothing and health. This scheme called charter change is designed to cater to the narrow interests of a few who only want to perpetuate themselves in power to avoid the day of reckoning.

Workers stand at guard, prepared to vote these thieves and cheats out of office, but with charter change they hope to postpone elections and stay in power until 2010 and well beyond.

And with charter change, the floodgates will be opened to economic ruin and disaster, as this beleaguered administration will continue to rely on foreign investment to shore up its image as being solid and stable, when in fact it is not.

Where it cannot coerce the various institutions of society and the general public into accepting its agenda, it does not hesitate to resort to draconian measures to get its way.

Revelations that the Arroyo administration considered declaring Martial Law in early 2006 was a sign of desperation and ultimately unmasks this administration’s dogged determination to stay in power and quell all opposition against its continued rule.

Workers bear the brunt of these measures and the general disarray within this administr


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