APL-women calls for a just decision

The Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) women trooped to the DOJ this morning to press for a just and favorable resolution to the Subic rape case which is scheduled for promulgation on November 25.

“We hope that Nicole will be served justice, despite the incompetent handling of the DOJ of the case,” said Fatima Cabanag, spokesperson of the APL-women.

“But our fear is that the merits of the case has been sold out in exchange for dollars,” added Cabanag, as can be seen in the DOJ’s less than passionate fervor and handling of the case. “The Subic rape case is a litmus test for US-RP relations and for a beleaguered Arroyo, losing US support in case of a conviction is unthinkable.”

“It would mean substantially decreased military aid,” added Cabanag, “which the Philippine government desperately needs in its crackdown on militants and activists in the countrysides.”

“And yet we believe that the Subic rape case is very solid and hard to repudiate,” she said. “Nicole’s plight is an inspiration in fact, to other similarly-situated women who have been forced to stay silent because of stigma and shame from society’s prejudices.”

“Her character has been attacked time and again and yet the story holds,” added the labor leader. “It is clear Nicole was taken advantage of, and the guilty parties should pay for it,” said Cabanag.

“At the same time it should be taken as a cue to revisit and redefine RP-US relations because clearly the country is on the losing end from this VFA,” said Cabanag. “Only then can we really avoid another Nicole form happening.”


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