APL joins call for end to Israel actions in Lebanon

“We add our voice to the STOP the War coalition’s call on Israel to immediately stop the carnage it unleashed upon Lebanon its defenseless people,” said APL Secretary-General Josua Mata. “Israel’s arrogant stance is not only laying waste to hundreds of innocent lives but also pushing the precarious situation in the Middle East further to the edge.”

“The current crisis is not an act of ‘self-defense’ as Israel and its supporters claim. Rather, it is an Israeli war for domination, a regional war aimed at reshaping the map of contemporary Middle East,” Mata said.

“At the core of the Middle East conflict is the unflinching US support for Israel’s aggressions,” explained Mata. “For vetoing a UN ceasefire resolution and for providing the Israel with the military wherewithal to devastate its neighbors, we hold the US jointly liable for this atrocity,” Mata added.

“The region is a powder keg and Israel’s actions are needlessly putting Filipinos in the line of fire,” Mata said. “We call on the Philippine government to denounce the Israeli action and to take all necessary steps to ensure the continued safety of our OFWs in Lebanon and the Middle East in general,” added the labor leader.

The now common storyline that the war was initiated by Hezbolla’s July 12 raid across the Israeli border – which led to the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers – fails to emphasize that such action was limited to a military target. Israel’s response – a full-scale attack on civilian targets – is hugely disproportionate and stands in total disregard of the Geneva Conventions which prohibits collective punishment, targeting of civilians, destruction of civilian infrastructure and more. It is, in short, a war crime.

Actually, the immediate trigger has its roots in Israel’s murderous policy in Gaza and the extraordinarily hypocritical US-led boycott and international sanctions against the Palestinians that started after Hamas democratically won the Palestinian Authority government in January 2006.

More importantly, beyond the immediate trigger, the current crisis is rooted Israel’s continued occupation of Palestine and confiscation of land and water sources. Without this conflict, Hezbollah, Hamas and other similar groups would not be in today’s news.

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