Burmese cause for freedom still has a long way to go

The Alliance of Progressive Labor together with the other members of the Free Burma Coalition picketed the Burmese embassy this morning to denounce Burma’s military junta who has been in power since 1988 and calls on the Burmese people to continue their struggle for freedom in the authoritarian state.

“We are here to remind the public that there is still no democracy in Burma, “said Edwin Bustillos, APL Deputy Secretary General. “We are here to inform the people that in this supposedly modern world, democracy remains an elusive goal for our fellow oppressed workers in a neighboring country.”

Bustillos said that even with Burma relinquishing its chairmanship of ASEAN for next year, “this is just a minor victory in the larger battle for the junta to eventually relinquish its hold on power to allow the Burmese people to freely determine their leaders.”

He also added that the Philippine government should take the lead in urging the recalcitrant junta to give in to the international clamor for freedom in Burma.

“As a country which is only too familiar with dictatorships, we only know too well how much suffering is being inflicted on the Burmese people because of the denial of their freedoms.”

APL vowed to continue to help in efforts to press the State Peace and Development Council, Burma’s ruling junta, to implement reforms towards the eventual democratization in that country.

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