Affix signatures to impeachment to speed up resolution of political crisis

August 10, 2005

AKBAYAN and the Alliance of Progressive Labor today picketed the House of Representatives to urge lawmakers to speed up the impeachment process and to dare fence-sitting lawmakers to affix their signatures to the impeachment complaint.

“Malacañang is buying time to hopefully diffuse the outrage over the scandals over jueteng and electoral fraud,” said AKBAYAN President Ronald Llamas. “so we see the anomalous release of additional pork barrel from the road users’ tax, the reports of alleged payola left and right,” he added.

“This administration is using taxpayers’ money to save itself,” APL Secretary-General Josua Mata agreed. “We therefore appeal to legislators to discern the dictates of their conscience and help speed up the delivery of justice by signing the impeachment complaint.”

Llamas added that the House of Representatives should be warned against dragging the impeachment complaint at the Justice Committee. “If the House wants to prove that the impeachment process is not being bastardized with money politics and backdoor deals, it should reject Malacañang’s P5.1 billion carrot.”

Llamas was referring to the pork funds released by Malacañang for road projects which he said was an obvious Palace ploy to kill the impeachment complaint. “The legal process to remove GMA from power ends here at the House of Representatives, and the broad ranks of masses will not allow the process to be undermined.”

“No matter how much pressure is applied on Congress, the end game will still be the same for GMA,” said Mata. “She will be removed form office, and it is just a matter of time.”

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