Crackdown on dissent makes GMA look even more guilty

With government forces preparing to repel and decisively break up any protest actions in light of the gloriagate scandal and the jueteng scam hounding the First Family, a very real threat is putting the people’s legitimate right to express their views and seek redress from government is coming into play.

Last week, two Akbayan youth leaders were arrested for posting protest materials and charged with inciting to sedition. A few days ago, the NBI raid on a printing press in Quezon City and the subsequent confiscation of posters depicting caricatures of the President.

This smacks of fascism, a draconian response to a Constitutionally protected right and a desperate attempt to go after those who dissent.

Earlier the Department of Justice threatened to go after anyone distributing the alleged wiretapped conversations of GMA and COMELEC Commissioner Garcillano. Is Malacañang doing all it can to bury the truth instead of telling it?

We demand that Malacañang desist from playing the fascist card to retaliate against those who only seek the truth behind the Garci tapes, and the jueteng scandal. Employing the brute force of the government’s police forces against organizations, individuals and even private small businesses is no way to go about salvaging the President’s imploding credibility.

The Alliance of Progressive Labor is interested in, and demands that the ongoing Congressional hearing on the wiretapped conversations proceed quickly and in full view of the public. It is a legitimate public interest to know what is in the tapes, and whether it is truly the President’s voice recorded therein.

Marami nang kasalanan sa taongbayan si GMA. The APL sincerely believes that the foremost and only way to save the country from further political and economic decay is for her to step down along with her entire Cabinet and the COMELEC. The gloriagate tapes and the jueteng scandals are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. GMA’s continued stay in power is precisely the iceberg that threatens to sink the Philippine ship to the bottom of the ocean.

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