Asians Say No to Japanese Export of Dirty Incineration Technology

In observance of the Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration on 17 June 2002, Greenpeace Japan (, in coordination with the Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance (GAIA,, launched a petition targeting Japan’s 12 biggest incinerator makers. The APL and 89 regional and national NGOs from 16 countries in Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Israel, Kyrgzstan, Lebanon) signed up to this petition.

Click here to see list of signatories to this petition

We, citizens of Asia, condemn the dumping of polluting waste disposal technology by Japanese incinerator companies, which only exacerbates the health, environmental and economic problems facing our nations.

We disapprove moves by Japanese companies to expand their incineration market abroad, particularly in Asia, in the midst of growing opposition against dioxin pollution in Japan. We find it totally unacceptable that Japan is exporting a technology that is unpopular and unwanted by local communities because of its negative impacts to public health and the environmental.

We oppose waste incineration because it releases into the environment persistent organic pollutants (POPs) such as cancer-causing dioxins. The Stockholm Convention on POPs, of which the Government of Japan is among the 133 signatories, has pinpointed municipal, hazardous and medical waste incinerators as primary sources of by-product POPs and calls for the substitution of alternatives for any processes, which produce dioxins and other toxic pollutants.

Moreover, we reject incineration because it destroys materials and deprives future generations of resources, saddles our countries with unbearable debts and undercuts programs and services for the poor, undermines recycling and other sensible solutions to waste problems, and concentrates economic gains in the hands of big businesses.

To the Government of Japan: We ask you to discontinue prescribing biased waste management solutions to our governments and stop funding incineration projects in the region.

To the People of Japan: We affirm our unity with you in your inspiring actions to reclaim your health and rescue the environment by closing down sources of dioxin.

We sign this petition on the occasion of the first ever Global Day of Action against Waste Incineration on 17 June 2002

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